ETJ 英語教師研修会 in Sendai


Last year, on the 9th of December, a group of 8 members of t he WEC staff took part in the ETJ (English Teachers in Japan) Expo in Sendai.  The program is linked below.

去年の12月9日(日)にWEC講師スタッフ総勢8名にて、ETJ(English Teachers in Japan)主催の

Expo(勉強会)in Sendai(仙台)に参加してきました。



Teachers, professors, and other language learning related professionals gathered from across Japan to take part in a variety of lectures.  The WEC staff split up to attend as many as we could, and shared the content after they were all complete so we could maximise our own development.

For example, I (Junko Holland) found a lecture by an American language school owner from Kanagawa especially interesting.  It was titled “Taking Progress Evaluation Videos in Kids Classes” and described the various merits and setbacks of taking videos of children’s classes for the purposes of evaluating student progress.  The lecturer was very confident and active, and produces his own CDs and textbooks.  We bought some of his materials and will be using them in our own classes in the future.

After seeing some sample textbooks at the expo, we have also decided to change the textbooks we use for our elementary school classes from April.  Oxford University Press had representatives at the expo, and were a great help in presenting options to us.  The new textbook is very good, and we’re looking forward to using it.

There is no end to learning English, and even teachers need to keep up to date.  The lectures were, of course, all in English including any discussion time, and participants were from Japan and around the world.  Experiencing what felt like a lecture at an overseas university while still in Japan was a great study opportunity for our Japanese teachers.

The WEC staff attend events like this as often as we can, and of course exchange ideas and have teacher development meetings so that we can work together to provide the best possible English education we can.  It goes without saying that we want to hold lessons that all our students can benefit from and enjoy.

Junko Holland,

WEC Manager.




「Taking Progress Evaluation Videos in Kids Classes」











Junko Holland


We also met David Paul, the author of the “Finding Out” series of textbooks, which we use in our children’s classes.  He came all the way from Hiroshima for the event, and is an expert on teaching Phonics in Japan.  We were very lucky he agreed to a commemorative photo with us.

WECでもワークブックとして使用している「Finding Out」の著者、David Paul氏と記念撮影。