Happy Halloween!


今年のHalloween Party も大変楽しく行えました☆


まずは 「Costume show!」


This year’s Halloween Party was a great success as usual! We had such an amazing turn-out of students and their families. First on the agenda was the costume show!







次は 「Trick or Treat!」



各ポイントを回って、元気良く 「Happy Halloween!」 と言えたら、「Treat」がもらえます☆

The students enjoyed using Halloween greetings!


その後はお待ちかねの「Pot Luck Party」

Next was the pot luck party, where we all enjoyed delicious Halloween treats and food together.



お腹が一杯になったところで 「Pinyata game」





Next, the students got out some energy by hitting, smashing and breaking our pinatas that we spent the last few weeks making.



最後には Treats をバサーっと!

It was raining candy!


This year’s 「Best couple costume」!