What do people who need a size 28,29,30 shoe do in Japan?


It is often quite frustrating for me to go shopping for clothes and footwear here in Aizuwakamatsu. There are some very nice, fashionable items in the shops at reasonable prices but almost always the sizes are too small for me. When I go back to England I am just a fairly average sized person, standing at just under 180cms tall and I take a standard size 9.5 or 10 shoe in the UK which is a size 28 in Japan. The other day I really wanted to buy some stylish dock shoes for summer that I saw in some local shoe shops. They were not expensive either, just under 3,000 (GBP20). The same shoes in the UK would probably cost double that price. However, in all three shops I tried their biggest size was 27. It was so annoying. I felt it was unfair. I felt it was discrimination against all those people who take a size 28,29,30 etc shoe. Surely these days as younger Japanese men are getting taller and more Japanese men are getting broader, many of them need shoes larger than size 27? What do they do? Where and how do they buy fashionable shoes at reasonable prices? Do they have to settle for the very limited range of mostly unfashionable size 28,29,30 shoes that are available here? Buying shoes online is not a good idea as you really need to try shoes on for size and comfort. For me, I can order some clothes like shirts my size online. Otherwise going abroad is still a necessity to stock up on clothing and footwear which fits!