KET & PET exams

I am really pleased to be able to offer people in the Aizu area and in the larger Tohoku district of Japan the chance to take Cambridge ESOL exams. In my career as an English teacher stretching back all the way to 1984, I have not come across any better examinations of all four English skills so obviously I have great respect for the Cambridge ESOL exams.

On Saturday May 19th we will be holding the KET & PET examinations, for which the deadline for applications is April 14th

Did you know that exactly the same examinations will also be held on May 19th in reputable language schools and institutions all over the world? This is because Cambridge ESOL exams are international standard exams taken at over 2700 exam centres in over 130 different countries.
Both KET (Key English Test for pre-intermediate level students) and PET (Preliminary English Test for intermediate level students) have three papers testing four skills equally. They are:

Paper 1: Reading & Writing
Paper 2: Listening
Paper 3: Speaking

I think it is very interesting to note that the speaking tests are carried out by two Cambridge ESOL certified oral examiners, who must be native (or native speaker level) English speakers, educated to a minimum of degree level and with a minimum number of years of relevant teaching experience. In the speaking test, two candidates are interviewed at the same time and have to be able to interact and communicate not only with one of the oral examiners but also with each other to complete certain tasks.
All exam papers are sent to Cambridge ESOL in the UK to be marked and processed which then issues official certificates.
After seeing some rather strange, unnatural, unbalanced, mediocre and even patronizing English exams produced by some Japanese institutions, it is such a relief and a pleasure for professional English teachers to witness the accurate assessment of English skills made possible by taking Cambridge ESOL exams.



1、 リーディング、ライティング
2、 リスニング
3、 スピーキング